The Schisgal Agency, LLC

Upcoming proposals

After a long and illustrious career spanning four decades at The Metropolitan Museum of Art as the Chief Security Officer, John Barelli, PhD, retired in August 2016.  In his forthcoming proposal, John will explore the untold story of six major art thefts at The Metropolitan Museum of Art – from theft to arrest to recovery of the stolen items.  Along the way, John will take readers behind the scenes at the museum, bring to life one of the most vibrant and complicated cultural institutions in the world as well as the people who work there, and explore the challenges faced by the museum when it comes to the potential for theft and the security of priceless works of art.  Barelli weaves these stories into the history of art itself to create a book that any art admirer will cherish.  But beware, as Barelli writes, “There is a very fine line which distinguishes any person from an art admirer to an art thief.” Sold to Globe Pequot.

Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum is a Professor and Director of the Center for Medical Mycology at Case Western University and University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center.  While advances of our understanding in the microbiome have changed the way we understand diet, nutrition, and health, Dr. Ghannoum is on the cutting edge of discovering how the mycobiome (fungi) play just as integral a role in our diet and health. In the proposal for his first book, Dr. Ghannoum, working with his son Forbes contributor Afif Ghannoum, will draw on the most up to date clinical knowledge to outline a diet accessible to any reader for healthy, disease-free living.  Dr. Ghannoum’s mycobiome diet will revolutionize the way we think about our bodies while offering practical and sound advice. Sold to Countryman at W.W. Norton.

Upcoming and recent publications

Ryan White was until recently the music editor at the Portland Oregonian where he covered the music scene for more than a decade.  White's first book is the heavily illustrated SPRINGSTEEN ALBUM BY ALBUM.  The book was published here in the States by Sterling in October 2014 as well as six other countries.  White's next book about the life and career of Jimmy Buffett and White's search for 'Margaritaville' JIMMY BUFFETT: A GOOD LIFE ALL THE WAY was acquired by the Touchstone imprint of Simon & Schuster and published in May 2017.  Publishers Weekly wrote, "White aptly captures an ingenious musician who's expertly figured out how to spin his music and himself into something that his fans will continually follow."

Laura Miller created the popular YouTube program "Raw.Vegan.Not Gross." on the Tastemade channel.  Seen by more than two million viewers, her easy approach to raw cuisine and her wonderful recipes have made her a favorite resource for cooks of all stripes.  In a pre-emptive offer, Flatiron Books at Macmillan acquired the book companion RAW.VEGAN.NOT GROSS. to Laura's show which was published in May 2016.  Laura's first cookbook was one of the ten finalists for Goodreads best cookbook of the year 2016.

Award-winning journalist Annette McGivney has been the Southwest Editor for Backpacker magazine since 1996 and written dozens of features for the magazine about outdoor skills, camping and survival related topics.  She is currently at work on a book for the Countryman imprint at W.W. Norton on everything you need to know about fire: from our long history living with fire, to collecting the right wood, building fires for comfort and survival, cooking, and safety.  The book is scheduled for the fall of 2017.

Crown Business acquired the rights to retired Navy SEAL Rob Roy's THE NAVY SEAL ART OF WAR.  After more than 20 years with the Navy SEALs, including SEAL Team Six, Roy started a consulting practice helping C-level executives adapt SEAL principles for success in their business.  INC. magazine called him "America's toughest CEO coach."  He's worked with many companies as well as the Young Presidents Organization.  I teamed Roy with co-writer Chris Lawson, a former national security correspondent and editor for Gannett.  Prior to publication, audio rights were licensed to Recorded Books and Brazilian publishing rights to Pensamento-Cultrix.  The book was published by Random House in April 2015. 

Broadside Books (HarperCollins) acquired the first book by influential pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson about how new ideas and social trends are recasting the political landscape, how both parties must understand and communicate with emerging groups of voters like Millenials and why they are the future of the GOP.   Anderson is the vice president of the Winston Group, a DC-based political polling and research firm.  She was named one of the National Journal's "25 Most Influential Women Under 35" and chosen as one of TIME magazine's "30 People Under 30 Changing the World." Reviewed at publication by The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post among others, the book was published in July 2015.